Faceted Deer Head

3D-print of my deer by https://pinshape.com/users/194318-tagcuu

Da es immer wieder Probleme mit dem Download auf der Projektseite von Instructables gibt, habe ich die PDF Datei auch hier mal hinterlegt.

Wer den Hirsch nicht schneiden, falten und kleben will, kann ihn auch mit einem 3D-Drucker ausdrucken. Die STL Daten habe ich bei Pinshape hochgeladen.

After numerous requests on my instructable project page, I have uploaded the PDF for the faceted deer here.

If you don’t feel like cutting, folding and glueing the head, you can 3D-print it also. the required STL files are on Pinshape.

Download the Deer Head PDF HERE

48 Gedanken zu „Faceted Deer Head“

  1. hi,
    I want to build this but I had a question. What is the difference between the point lines an the „line-point“ lines?

    Nochmal auf deutsch: welcher ist der unterschied zwischen den gestrichelten Linien und die „gepunktete“ Linien? Muss man beide falten?

    Thank you for your answer!

  2. Hi Jan,

    I made your deer head a while ago and it looks very good on my wall! While looking at Etsy I came across your model at the shop Verticees. Don’t you think it is wrong that it is sold there for profit?

    Kind regards,

    1. Well, someone took the tutorial and made one themselves and sells it now. There’s nothing wrong with that other than that is doesn’t show a lot of creativity.

  3. Dear Jan, thankyou so much for the deer head paper model. I have not made it yet. Waiting for new printer. But shall soon. Anyway thankyou again for all the info on your site and models.x

  4. I’m so happy you have the pattern posted here. I’m going to try to make it.

    Thank you Jan for you generosity
    Isabel from Porto, Portugal

  5. Hey, thanks for uploading the instructions! Ever since I discovered Papercraft, I always wanted to do this deer! I very like the white and blue combination you decided to use, so I’ve got one question: could you please tell me which pages of the pdf need to be printed on blue paper and which ones need to be printed on white paper in order to get the same result as you did? Thanks alot in advance, Jette

  6. Hi Jan, awesome paper deer you made – thanks a million for sharing, will definitely squeeze in a weekend for this magic sculpture!

    Quick question from my side: if I wanted to build the same one as blue & white paper deer, which pages would need to be printed in blue and which pages would need to be printed in white?

    Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice weekend!


  7. Hi,
    thanks for the pdf! Could you please tell me which are the antlers so that I could print them in different colour? I can´t say it from uncut paper.

  8. hoi,wauw, maar kunt u ook aan een free oliefantenkop komen om te downloaden. mij lukt het niet, van uit instructables.
    Kunnen Sie auch fut die Elefant-kop Eline downloaden fut moch
    inch schaffe es nicht,
    grosse Asus Holland

  9. Have you created these? Are you okey that someone sells theese on ebay? FYI, there is someone in Sweden that sells these on our ebay (tradera.se) for 150 SEK (15 EUR) each.

    1. The license does not permit anyone to sell my template. If they have done their own template they can sell it of course. I do not have the time to track down everyone that offers my template. People have done so on every continent by now.
      Karma will work it out in the end… 😉

  10. Hey we were planning to use your deer head template for a 3D illusion for an intra-school design competition. Are we allowed to use your template for it??

  11. Hi ! I am very new to low poly and I want to make a faceted animal. I am following your Create Faceted Papercraft-objects tutorial @ Instructables, but I don´t know where the CMD, ESK key are, in order to use them. Please can you explain a little more on these keys? Thank you for reading.

  12. Hello,

    Is it just on my Mac or a few pages in the PDF had the edges cut off by margins? For example on the second page of the document (first shape of the design), edge # 90 is off the page. I tried opening it with 2 different PDF programs and I’m seeing the same thing.

    Thank you!

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